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iPAS2 and the art of parting fools and their money (lots of it!)

By | July 22, 2016

xxxSigh. Them again. Online scam, not an online scam? As ever with companies projecting legitimacy as a recruiting tool rather than a business ethic the definition is in the detail.

Let’s start off this review on the right footing by making it clear that iPAS2 is basically a sales management and funnel system developed for the Prosperity Team, which is a part of Empower Network, which I reviewed here. Continue reading

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Dis(?)Empower Network: Ahem, ‘MLM’ anyone?

By | July 6, 2016

xxxLooking for an opportunity to make money online?

How about spending and sweating to build an online business that you will never own (which is the opposite business model of the program I recommend) while climbing the ranks of the organisation through expensive up-sells (that you yourself then have the ‘opportunity’ to sell) that can eventually wind up costing you in excess of $5000? Continue reading

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Online affiliate programs: Don’t be Dumb and Dumber too

By | June 30, 2016

xxxxxHow much would you like to be earning online a year from today?

Whatever your answer is, and whoever and wherever you are – a minimum wage earner in California,  an unemployed factory worker in Detroit, a stay-at-home mom in Nebraska or an undergraduate in Ohio, it doesn’t matter – if you’re anything like I was, you can start by subtracting around 95% from the number you just thought of and you’ll be in the ball park. Continue reading